Who is Nebraska Poultry Industries and
What Do We Do?

The Nebraska Poultry Industries (NPI) is a nonprofit organization that supports the poultry industry in a state that ranks twelfth nationally in egg production. NPI was created in 1970 and acts as the central voice for the Nebraska Poultry Industry and makes significant contributions to the industry by working in partnership with growers, producers, companies, educators, research scientists, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the University of Nebraska, and agribusiness to accomplish common goals.

Major activities of the NPI include organizing and implementing an annual convention for poultry producers and being active in state and national legislative issues relative to the poultry industry. The NPI is also dedicated to providing educational, promotional and research to consumers, food service personnel, health professionals, educators and youth.

The NPI Board of Directors meets quarterly, in conjunction with the Poultry and Egg Development, Utilization, and Marketing Committee meetings to discuss relevant industry issues.

Funding for NPI is received through convention income and producer membership dues.