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Government Representation Helps Achieve Desirable Results

Nebraska Poultry Industries works on a statewide level. Regionally the Midwest Poultry Federation and nationally, the American Egg Board, National Turkey Federation, and the United Egg Producers act as a liaison between governmental agencies and the industry. Industry needs are conveyed to appropriate representatives of government. It might be a hearing on taxes or tariffs, a study of egg laws, a review of production controls or whatever will have an effect upon the industry.

In addition to staying in close contact with our regional and national organizations, NPI works frequently with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve governmental representation in agriculture as an individual, but collectively NPI is effective.

State legislation is explored, and the needs of the industry are analyzed and acted upon. You benefit as NPI represents your best interests with those agencies that affect the industry.

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