Why Become a Member?

We invite you to renew your membership or become a new member by completing and returning the membership portion of the attached form with your annual dues. Your personal participation is vital in keeping the poultry industry alive and crowing! The success of the Annual Nebraska Poultry Industries Convention depends heavily on membership support. Below is a list of benefits in becoming an NPI member:

  • State and national governmental representation

  • Representation at meetings of regional and national poultry organizations

  • Information on current state and national legislation

  • Educational meetings

  • Promotion of eggs and poultry

  • Source for information on current industry issues

  • Youth poultry programs and scholarship information

  • Answers to your poultry requests

  • Producer rosters available upon request

  • Annual opportunity to make contact with egg, turkey, and broiler producers

  • Partnership – you stand together with others interested in issues facing the poultry industry today and in the future

NPI Works for You

Poultry industry persons have business questions daily concerning poultry disease, nutrition, management, marketing, and promotion. NPI is the source for answers to such questions – and more. The NPI office maintains information on the status of state and federal legislation,processing, production, promotion, marketing, and the location of diagnostic labratories.

Governmental Representation

NPI works on a statewide level. Regionally, the Midwest Poultry Federation, and nationally the American Egg Board, National Turkey Federation, and the United Egg Producers act as a liaison between government agencies and the industry. Industry needs are conveyed to appropriate representatives of government. It might be a hearing on taxes or tariffs, a study of egg laws, a review of production controls, or anything that will have an effect on the industry.

Youth are Important to NPI

If the poultry industry is to grow and prosper, we must have trained replacements, and interest in poultry science must be cultivated before a student enters college. The NPI has active youth programs in cooperation with Nebraska Extension Service, 4-H programs, and FFA programs. The NPI office provides information related to poultry scholarships.

Consumer Education, Promotion, and Advertising

NPI is aggressively working to increase consumption of eggs and poultry. While in constant contact with Nebraska consumers, extension educators, teachers, health professionals, food service personnel, and media. Thousands of nutritional brochures, recipe leaflets, and information on product safety/handling are distributed annually through these contact sources.

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