PED Committee

The business, property and airs of the Poultry and Egg Division (PED) are managed by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture with the assistance of the PED Committee. The PED Committee meets quarterly and at other times as dictated by circumstances.

Brent Nelson, Nelson Poultry Farms, Inc.


Tim Bebee – Michael Foods Egg Products Co.

Bill Bevans – Bevans Enterprises

Joe Brown – Michael Foods, Inc.

Jerry Felber – Seward Turkey Enterprises, Inc.

Julie Kelly – Michael Foods, Inc.

Jesus Lopez – Henningsen Foods, Inc.

Je May – Dawe's Laboratories

Greg Nelson – Nelson Poultry Farms, Inc.

Lowell Ostrand – Michael Foods, Inc.

Kevin Pohlmeier – Kevin Pohlmeier Farms

Ken Potter – Junction Farms, Inc.

Jim Sechrist – ILC Resources

John Toney – University of Nebraska - Retired

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The NDA contracts with Nebraska Poultry Industries, Inc. to provide administrative support to the PED Committee and its activities.